Our story

SOMBRERO emerged from the love for craftsmanship and the urge to creating a slider that would blend quality, design and comfort into a perfect combination. We founded SOMBRERO in 2016. Our first product, the SOMBRERO SLIDER, took us 4 years to develop. Raw materials from all over the world were tested, sample after sample, factory after factory, to finally become one. We promised ourselves to only settle for a great looking slider, uncompromising in comfort and quality. It took a lot of blood sweat and tears, but we persisted and here we are. A slider you could, should and want to wear all day. At home, in the changing rooms and on the beach. A classic piece, with inspiration from icons all over the globe.

With a background in top sport, comfort in material and fit to us is crucial to achieving your highest potential. We wanted to share our passion for sport but also our love for great looking style and elegance. The grind combined with the fine.

We love craftsmanship. Anyone with a special talent. Someone who is dedicated to developing his skill the best way possible.

“That should always be reflected in our collection”.

From the tailor who measures a client from top to bottom to ensure that the garment will fit to a tee. The boxer who always goes hard, trying to mimic what it’s going to be like in the ring. Or the window cleaner who won’t leave the windows until the final drop has been cleared up.

We love all of that.

We don’t define ourselves with a specific group of people, this brand is for all the people since we all have blood going through our veins.

Neither are we attached to a certain place of origin. SOMBRERO was born ‘in’ and finds its inspiration ‘out’ of all places because the world is our playground and it is an honour to be a part of this thing called life.

The journey continues, and we are very grateful we can share our story with you and hope you will enjoy all of it as much as we do.

We will continue to refine our pieces, and we will continue to do so, but in the meantime thank you for your support which will help us to stay motivated to continue on this exciting journey.

Needless to say, we support our planet and will do our utmost to creating with sustainability engraved in our minds.